About Us

MLC POWER AUTOMATION AG is an authorized distributor and trusted partner of prestigious manufacturers and European leaders in the field, we focus on promptness and adaptability in our relationship with our customers, while providing advice in the required situations.

Our partners are: MD Micro Detectors, Opto, Pizzato Elettrica, Eltra, ESA Automation, Eaton, Rotex Elettromeccanica, Gefran, SIEI Drive, SIEIDrive Lift, ICM Motori, Pizzato Electrica,

Mission and strategy
Our strategy lies in the opportunity to choose a SINGLE supplier for all your needs and that is why POWER IS IN YOUR HOLDERS.

MLC POWER AUTOMATION AG offers services throughout Romania, satisfying the needs of a wide range of customers, regardless of their location, paying the same attention to any request.

MLC POWER AUTOMATION AG consists of a young, but experienced team in the back, who has set out and soon succeeded in becoming MLC POWER AUTOMATION AG a known company in the field of industrial automation equipment.

Together we establish the company policy; we coordinate work and study the best solutions to successfully solve all customer problems.